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Looking for a reliable barn building that’s economically priced? Check out our regular roof barns at Carports R Us!

Looking for a dependable metal barn for your home, farm, or agricultural business, at a truly affordable price? A regular roof barn from Carports R Us checks all the boxes! We craft every barn with quality steel, making these buildings far superior to anything made from wood, aluminum, or other materials. Regular style barns are very popular around the nation for many reasons. Folks like the rounded look of the roof, and they also appreciate the attractive price point. Great for sheltering animals, vehicles, and equipment alike, and they’re useful for other things too. Scroll down to learn more!

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44'x21 Barn

Starting Price: $5940


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What’s Different About a Regular Roof Barn?

A regular barn is a style of metal barn which features a roof with a more rounded look. Many people feel that the rounded regular roof has more of a traditional barn look and feel to it. This roof offers reliable protection from sun and rain, and the roof panels are aligned in a horizontal orientation. The regular barn is a popular choice for residential and farm settings alike, and is ideally suited for smaller building applications (up to 36’W).

Features, Specs, & Custom Options

Some metal barn customers wrongly assume that all regular roof metal barns are the same, but that’s really not the case. With Carports R Us, you have many options to customize your regular barn in a number of ways. You can choose your specific building dimensions, steel gauges, door & window options, colors, and more!

Size & Style -- How do you want to use your barn building? What livestock, feed, equipment, or other supplies do you need to house? A regular steel barn can also be built wide enough to accommodate up to three vehicles, if that’s what you need. You choose the building width, length, and height that will work best for your needs. Got some special design considerations? We can help with those, too!

Framing & Paneling Gauges -- 14-gauge is a common standard for many steel barn frames, but you may want to choose a thicker 12-gauge if you want an even sturdier building. The gauges of steel paneling used for your roof and side walls are also up to you.

Doors & Windows -- What kind of access points do you want on your steel barn? We offer garage-style roll-up doors, as well as other types of doors. Where they go on your building is really up to you. Want to let in some natural light and ventilation? You can put windows on your barn, too.

Colors & More Colors -- Your regular roof barn doesn’t have to look like just another boring metal building. What color or colors would you like to put on your roof, side paneling, and trim? We have many great options, and you can also mix or match your colors if you prefer.

Other Roof Style Options -- Interested in learning about our other roof style options? If you prefer a roof with sharper angles, you might consider going with an A-frame roof. Need a barn with some additional structural reinforcement and high-performing roof paneling? In that case, you can’t go wrong with our premium vertical roof.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Possible Regular Roof Barn Applications

Another nice thing about choosing one of our steel barn buildings is the fact that they’re useful for more than just “traditional” barn applications. Your uses are more limited with a stick-build barn design, but not so with a versatile steel structure! Here are just a few of the ways we’ve seen metal barn owners use their structures:

Horse barn or stable -- These barns are great for stabling horses, as well as their needed supplies. How many horses can it hold? That just depends upon your situation. We can build a barn large enough to meet whatever needs you may have!

Livestock barn -- Maybe you’ve already got your horses covered, but you need a place to shelter other livestock. Not a problem! These buildings are great for that, too.

Poultry barn -- If your animals have wings, we’ve got a barn for that as well. A regular roof barn can be used as a chicken coop, or a shelter for turkeys or other domesticated fowl.

Man Cave, She Shed, or Playhouse for the Kids -- An RV garage lends itself well to also serving as your designated man cave or she shed. But what about the children? You can even set aside some play space for the kids where they’ll be safe, sound, and protected from the weather.

Dairy or egg production -- If you need to do more with your barn than just house your animals, these metal barn buildings are also useful for dairy production, egg production, or other similar applications.

Hay barn -- Need a barn specifically dedicated to keeping your hay, grains, feed, or seed? Carports R Us has you covered!

Shelter for tractors & farm equipment -- Need a place to park your tractor & store other related equipment? A regular roof barn can be designed to do just the trick.

Personal applications -- Maybe you’re not a farmer at all, but just like the look and design of a barn building for your own personal applications. You can use these barn buildings for parking passenger vehicles, for use as general storage facilities, and for a whole host of other possibilities.

Regular Roof Barn Prices

We custom build every barn (and every other metal structure design) right here at our own dedicated manufacturing facility, so that also gives us the ability to offer some really great prices on all of our barns and metal building products. Oh, and there’s also this too -- we include delivery and installation across our 5-state service area with purchase, all for no additional cost to you! Your final barn price will ultimately depend upon a few key factors, including barn dimensions, chosen roof style, and whatever specific building customizations you choose to include. Got specific pricing questions? Just give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you with a custom quote!

Looking for a way to make your barn more affordable in terms of payment options? Carports R Us is here to help you with that, too! We make everything easier by making our own signature financing and rent-to-own programs available to you, in conjunction with our preferred lenders.

Benefits of a Regular Steel Barn

What’s better about a regular steel barn from Carports R Us? Plenty! Here are just a few features that make our regular steel barns a better choice than anything you can get made of wood or other materials:

Built to Stand the Test of Time -- With a steel barn, you won’t have the same concerns with moisture that you’d have if you went with a stick-build. While wood can rot over time, galvanized steel won’t. Plus, steel offers effective protection from rain, wind, snow, and even lightning threats.

Better Protection from Pests & Fire -- Termites and other pests really are no threat to steel, and they won’t be attracted to it as a food source, either. Steel also won’t host mold or mildew like wood does. And while wood is naturally flammable, steel isn’t – which means you’ll have fewer fire concerns, too.

Expand & Adapt -- Would you like to have the option to expand or adapt your barn down the road? While that’s not easy to do with a wooden structure, steel is a construction material which offers great flexibility of design. You can expand or adapt a steel barn with much greater ease than you can with a stick-built barn.

Easy Maintenance -- Why would anyone want to have to worry with a barn that’s sure to need repainting or restaining every few years? We certainly wouldn’t, and you don’t have to, either! Steel buildings are very simple to maintain, and the baked-in colors are designed not to peel or fade like paint on wood. And cleaning is a breeze. In most cases, all you’ll need to do for cleaning is just hose off and hose out your barn, and you’re good to go!

Why Choose a Regular Roof Steel Barn from Carports R Us?

Why choose to partner with Carports R Us for your regular roof steel barn? It’s our goal to help good folks like you to be able to get the exact metal building you need, and we’ll work until you’re thrilled with both the design and the final product! And not only can we get you what you need, we can help you to stay within your budget, too. We stand behind each one of our buildings with a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. We’ve got better lead times, too! Ready to get the metal barn you need? Reach out to us at Carports R Us today!

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