Straight Roof Barns

Need a sectional metal barn, but want a clean, streamlined design? Carports R Us has exactly what you need!

Also known as Seneca Barns, Continuous Roof Barns, or Continuous Steel Barns, Straight Roof Metal Barns are another solid barn design available from Carports R Us. They’re great for folks who need a sectional barn, but would also like for everything to be contained underneath one simple roof pitch. These barns work well for farm or agricultural uses, but they also work equally well for practically any residential or commercial application. Plus, you’ll rest a little easier knowing your barn is crafted with quality steel, meaning it’s much more sound than any wooden barn.

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38' x 31' x 12' Seneca barn

Starting Price: $11170


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What’s Different About a Straight Roof Barn vs. Other Barn Styles?

A straight roof barn certainly has some things in common with other barn types, but it also puts its own unique design spin on things. Like the raised center style barn, the straight roof barn is typically comprised of three sections. But whereas each raised center barn section also has its own individual drop-down roof area covering it, with a straight roof barn, all three barn sections are contained underneath one, continuous, unbroken roof. This offers two main advantages, one aesthetic and the other functional. The aesthetic advantage is that this sort of angled roof look comes closer to matching the look of other typical residential structures. From the outside, it doesn’t necessarily even have to look like a traditional barn at all! The other main advantage is this roof style’s ability to offer more seamless protection from the elements. Since there are fewer junctions and seams, there are also fewer opportunities for moisture to infiltrate from above. This roof style also lends itself better to wider and larger barn applications than are available with a regular rounded roof.

Features, Specs, & Custom Options for Continuous Roof Barns

Some folks may think that all straight roof metal barns are the same, but that really isn’t accurate. Carports R Us allows you the freedom to customize and personalize your barn essentially any way you want, while still delivering the reliable performance you need. Choose your own barn measurements, steel gauges, door & window options, A-frame or vertical roof, colors, and more!

Choose Your Size -- How do you need to use your barn building? What animals, equipment, or supplies do you need to keep inside? And would you also like to include some space for parking vehicles? A continuous roof barn can be built large enough to accommodate essentially any items you want to include. The width, length, and height are up to you. And if you have any special design considerations, we’ll work with you on those, too.

Pick Your Gauges -- 14-gauge is a common standard for many steel barn applications, but you can also opt for a thicker 12-gauge if you want an even sturdier building. You also have options when it comes to your metal roofing and side paneling, too.

Doors & Windows -- Your steel barn won’t be much good to you if you can’t get inside! Which types of access points would you prefer? We offer garage-style roll-up doors and walk-in door options, and you can also include some open frame-outs if you like. And you have some say in where these doors and access points are placed on your barn, too. You can also choose to add some windows for letting in a little more light and air.

Roof Style Options -- You can choose a boxed-eave style A-frame roof for your continuous barn that features horizontally-oriented roof paneling as a standard option. But for a stronger roof with more premium performance, we recommend going with a vertical roof. The building design looks the same on the outside, but the inside framing is supported with additional bracing for reinforcement. The other key difference with a vertical roof is that it comes with vertical paneling. The advantage with this paneling orientation is that both precipitation and debris flow off your barn roof with even greater ease.

Color Choices -- Your continuous roof barn doesn’t have to mimic the look of other barns, especially when it comes to color options. We have several attractive colors to choose from for your roof, side paneling, and trim. Want to mix or match colors? You can do that, too!

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Possible Straight Roof Barn Applications

What can you do with a straight roof barn? The better question may be, what can’t you do with it! One advantage of choosing a steel barn building from Carports R Us is the fact that our structures are so useful and flexible for so many applications. Here are just a few of the popular usage possibilities to consider:

  • Use your straight roof barn just as you would any other type of sectional barn for keeping animals and supplies. You can create some designated space for stalls, feed, tack, seed, crops, or whatever else you may need.
  • Makes a great horse barn, or even a horse barn and hay barn combo facility.
  • Also works well as a livestock or poultry barn. Plus, you can also turn your barn into a production facility for dairy, eggs, or other purposes.
  • Use it as a shelter for farm vehicles, tractors, attachments, or other equipment.
  • With a large enough barn design, you can even create your own indoor riding arena!
  • These barns also double as great venues for weddings, receptions, or other social events.
  • Workshop or hobby space. Set aside some space for getting things done, or for pursuing a favorite hobby or two.
  • These barn buildings also make excellent garages for personal vehicles, as well as great multipurpose storage facilities.

Straight Roof Barn Prices

We custom build every straight roof barn – and every other type of metal barn or metal structure – right here in our own dedicated Carports R Us manufacturing facility. Since we’re able to handle everything in-house, we can also offer you some very attractive prices on all of our many barns, metal buildings, and structures. On top of that, we include the delivery and installation of your metal barn across our 5-state service area for no additional charge! Your final barn price will ultimately depend upon essential factors like the final building dimensions, chosen roof style, and whichever customizations you choose to include on your building. Have some specific price questions? Just give us a call on (877) 330-4846, we’ll be glad to help you find some answers!

Carports R Us is here to help make your new steel barn as affordable as possible, which is why we’ve chosen to offer you some helpful financing options. We make everything easier for you with our signature financing and rent-to-own programs, which we’re able to provide thanks to our preferred lender relationships. If you’d like to learn more about our financing options, just reach out to us today on (877) 330-4846.

Advantages of a Straight Roof Steel Barn

What’s better about a straight roof steel barn from Carports R Us? The list of advantages is long. Here are a few features that make our steel barns really stand out from comparable barns made with wood or other materials:

Made to Last -- A steel barn doesn’t present the same moisture concerns you’d have by going with a stick-built barn. While moisture infiltration can cause wood to rot over time, moisture has a much harder time gaining a foothold with galvanized steel. Steel also offers better protection from the threats of rain, wind, snow, lightning, and even seismic events.

Safer from Pests & Fire -- Termites and other pests essentially aren’t a threat to steel, and they’re not attracted to it as a food source. Steel doesn’t host mold or mildew in the same manner that wood does, either. And while wood burns easily, steel does not – which means you’ll also have fewer concerns about fire threats.

Expand It or Adapt It -- Would you like to be able to expand or adapt your barn down the road without a lot of hassle? A wooden structure doesn’t offer that kind of flexibility, but with a steel building, anything is possible. You can expand or adapt a steel barn with much greater ease than you can ever hope for with a stick-built barn.

Easier to Maintain -- Why fool with a barn that you know you’re going to have to repaint or restain every few years? Honestly, you don’t have to! Steel buildings need little maintenance, and typically don’t require refinishing. Unlike wood, your metal building colors are designed not to peel or fade. And cleaning a steel barn is easier, too. Most of the time, all that’s required is to hose your barn off inside and outside, and that’s all you need!

Why Choose a Straight Roof Barn from Carports R Us?

Sure, there are other metal building providers out there, but you’re better off choosing Carports R Us to provide your straight roof steel barn. Our purpose as a business is to help you get the exact metal building you need, in the timeframe you need it, at a competitive price! And we don’t just get you what you need, we also get it to you faster. Thanks to the fact that we manufacture and install ourselves, our lead times are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. Ready to get your straight roof barn? Give us a holler at Carports R Us today on (877) 330-4846 !

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