Metal Buildings

Need something besides a carport, garage, or barn? No problem, Carports R Us has you covered there too!

Hopefully you know by now that Carports R Us has a great selection of metal carports, garages, and barns. But maybe you need a bigger building with lots of clear span storage space. Or perhaps you’re looking for some dedicated workshop space. On the other hand, you might just need a good outdoor facility for general storage, or a building that includes a little more insulation to protect your stored goods from weather extremes. No matter what you need, we’ve got a great-looking, reliable, low-maintenance structure to suit your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Various Uses from Carports R Us

Need a full-size warehouse, workshop, or perhaps something smaller? We offer many popular building styles and sizes, and Carports R Us can almost certainly accommodate your needs. Just let us know what you need!

Metal Buildings
Clear Span Buildings

Thanks to our flexible steel framing, we can provide you a clear span building with 100%-usable interior space. No interior supports or columns needed!

Metal Buildings
Workshop Buildings

Need protected space for getting some real work done? We can customize a workshop to suit nearly any potential application!

Metal Buildings
Storage Buildings

Maybe you’ve already got all your vehicles covered. If you’re just looking for a reliable outdoor storage facility, we can do it at Carports R Us!

Metal Buildings
Insulated Buildings

Looking for a shelter that does more than just shield your items from sun, rain, and snow? We offer extra protection with our insulated buildings.

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Makes a Metal Building Better?

No other type of structure provides the same level of performance as a metal building! Here’s why a steel structure from Carports R Us is a superior choice:

All-Weather Protection
All-Weather Protection

Steel buildings provide superior protection from rain, snow, wind, debris, lightning, and are also better designed for enduring earthquake activity.

Multipurpose Use
Multipurpose Use

Metal buildings offer more flexibility of design than their wooden counterparts. Steel structures are also easier to adapt or expand as your needs change.

Delivery & Installation Included
Delivery & Installation Included

Not only is the price right, but you also get a little something extra with a prefab metal building – delivery and installation is included with purchase!

The Price Is Right
The Price Is Right

Assume that steel is more expensive than wood? Not necessarily! It’s actually more cost-effective, and features a very competitive price per square foot.

Strong and Durable
Strong and Durable

Steel buildings simply won’t rot like wood. Plus, they stand the tests of time and use much better than wood or other materials.

Pest & Fire Resistant
Pest & Fire Resistant

Termites and other pests are a constant threat to wood, as are mold and mildew. Not so with steel. What about fire? Steel won’t burn!

Multipurpose Applications for Metal Buildings

What are some of the many ways you can choose to take advantage of your custom metal building? Whether for storage, workspace, or other uses, these multipurpose structures make themselves available for a myriad of application possibilities:

Metal storage building -- If you need to store it outside -- whether it's decorations, recreational equipment, yard sale items, and more -- then it can certainly go inside one of these custom metal buildings!

Lawn & garden shed -- How about a covered spot just for your lawn mower, weed eater, gardening tools, equipment, and supplies? Now you've got one!

Firewood shed -- If you burn wood for heat or cooking, you need someplace to keep your wood dry. Our metal sheds are a perfect solution!

Hobby hut -- A properly-designed metal building can be used as dedicated space for pursuing hobbies, crafts, and any number of personal or projects.

Animal kennel -- Got some indoor pets you're ready to move outside? Or how about a kennel for breeding, or for other outdoor animal pursuits? Great for rescue shelters, too!

Warehouse -- Thanks to clear span space these steel structures offer, we can work with you to custom design and manufacture a full-sized warehouse of whatever dimensions you need.

Business use -- Need some office space? Or how about a retail storefront? A bakery? Coffee shop? Restaurant? Manufacturing facility? Metal buildings work well for all of these, and more!

Residential space -- Want to build an apartment out back? Or how about a vacation cabin on your property? More and more people are now choosing steel construction for their primary residences, too!

Steel Framing & Paneling: Choose Your Gauge

14-gauge galvanized steel is a very common choice for building framing, but we also offer a thicker 12-gauge if you'd like (or need) an even more rugged structure. You've got options when it comes to the paneling for your roof and walls, too. 29-gauge is a typical default that many choose, but we can also provide you with a thicker 26-gauge for more reliable protection.

Points of Access: Door & Window Options

If it's an enclosed metal building you need, then you'll also want to have some convenient entry points. The number, type, and location of your doors or other points of entry are really up to you. You can choose from a combination of frame-outs, walk-in doors, or larger garage-style doors. Would you like to be able to let in more natural light and fresh air? We offer windows, too.

You've Got Color Options, Too

Some older metal buildings you've seen may have looked a little drab. Well, our custom metal buildings are anything but boring! We offer a nice complement of popular colors that we can use to finish the exterior of your metal paneling and trim. Whether you're interested in a red, blue, green, brown, or something else, we can make it happen for you. If your goal is to help your metal building better blend in with surrounding structures, we can help. Plus, these colors don't fade, peel, or need frequent repainting like would be required with wood.

Metal Building Prices

Because we manufacture them right here in our Carports R Us facility, we can offer better prices than our competitors! Oh, and did we mention this? You don't pay any extra for delivery and installation! As long as you're located within our 5-state service area, we'll bring your building to your site and put it up for you -- included with your purchase! The final price of your custom metal building will ultimately depend on a few factors, like the dimensions of your building, the roof style you choose, and the customization options you decide to go with. Got specific pricing questions? Just reach out to us!

And while we normally include delivery and installation with your building purchase, we also give you the option of simply having a custom metal building kit designed and manufactured for you. By choosing to pick up and install your own metal building kit yourself, you'll enjoy some even greater savings. Want to learn more about our metal building kits? Give us a call!

What About a Building Permit?

One frequent question we receive from customers is this: Will I need to obtain a building permit? The answer to that question ultimately depends upon where you're located and how you intend to use your building. Many areas do require building permits for the installation of a metal building or steel structure. The best way to find out what is needed in your area is simply to check with your local municipality or county to learn which codes and regulations apply. If you need help getting started, we'll be glad to help walk you through the process. If a building permit is required, you'll need to have that secured before our installers arrive to put up your building.

Why Choose a Custom Metal Building from Carports R Us?

What's different about Carports R Us? Simply put, our vision is to help folks just like you to get the metal building you need, at a price you can afford, in a manner that is as simple and painless as possible. We only provide top-quality products, and we stand behind them by providing a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. We'll get you your building faster than many of our competitors, too. Get in touch today, and let's get started!

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