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Need a large building with plenty of clear span storage space? Carports R Us can provide you with one!

Not familiar with the term “clear span”? It simply describes the distance between interior building supports. With a clear-span building from Carports R Us, your supports are the walls themselves – no interior support posts or columns required! Some folks wrongly assume that light gauge steel construction only works for smaller carports and garages, but that simply isn’t the case. Carports R Us can custom manufacture, deliver, and install essentially whatever size clear-span steel structure you need, for residential applications, agricultural applications, warehouse storage, commercial needs, and more!

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30' x 46' x 10' Vertical roof

Starting Price: $8540


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Clear Span Building: A Large Steel Structure Protected by a Premium Vertical Roof

Many metal building styles come with three different roof options – the regular roof, the A-frame (or boxed eave) roof, or the vertical roof. But a clear-span building (or any building that’s 30’ wide or larger) really needs a vertical roof overhead. Why? It’s the strongest metal building roof design, and it’s best for accommodating buildings intended for larger-scale applications. Vertical roofs are built on a sturdy A-frame base, plus they also come with extra bracing as compared to other roof styles. In terms of strength and durability, nothing outperforms a vertical roof!

Another advantage of the vertical roof is the vertical orientation of its metal paneling. This vertical panel design means that precipitation and debris both flow off and away from your building with greater ease. A vertical roof is also especially well-suited for handling whatever wind and snow load requirements may apply in your area.

Clear Span Building Customizations

When you partner with Carports R Us, you have many customization options for your steel building order, and that includes our clear span buildings, too. Choose your own perfect building design! You select the building style and dimensions, and then you get to decide steel gauge options, doors & points of access, windows, colors, and more!

Building Dimensions -- How big do you need your building to be? It might help to start by deciding exactly how you intend to use your building. Once you have that in mind, you can then decide whatever width, length, and height you need. At Carports R Us, we can build to accommodate!

Steel Gauges -- 14-gauge is a common framing standard for many steel building applications, but for a larger clear-span building it would be better for you to consider a thicker 12-gauge frame. You also have options when it comes to choosing the gauge of your metal roofing and paneling.

Doors, Windows, & Access Points -- Your clear-span building won’t do you a whole lot of good if you can’t get inside! Where and what type of access points would you like? We offer garage-style roll-up doors and walk-in door options, and you can also choose to go with open frame-outs, if you prefer. Want to add some windows? We do those, too.

Colors -- A large steel building doesn’t have to look boring! You can personalize your building by choosing your preferred colors for the roof, side paneling, and trim. Like we said, at Carports R Us, we give you options!

Certification for Wind & Snow Loads -- Metal building certification is a requirement in many areas, but even if it isn’t required in your location, it’s something we recommend for all clear span buildings. A building that’s certified for wind & snow loads is just better engineered to handle any potential threats from weather events.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Applications for a Clear Span Building

What are some of the many ways you can choose to take advantage of a clear span metal building? Whether you’re considering using it for storage, warehouse space, workspace, manufacturing space, agricultural purposes, or other applications, the possibilities with these buildings are practically limitless:

  • Industrial equipment building
  • Agricultural vehicle and equipment garage
  • RV or boat storage
  • Commercial auto shop or personal auto maintenance facility
  • Retail storefront with functional production space
  • Restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Coffee shop
  • Manufacturing and distribution center
  • Office building
  • Administration building
  • Medical facility
  • Recreational or fitness facility
  • Church worship center or fellowship hall
  • Finished residential living space
  • And more!

Things to Consider When Preparing for Building Installation

Once you decide exactly what you need in a clear span building and place your order with us, we’ll get right to work. Once we fabricate all the needed steel components, we’re happy to deliver all the materials to your site and install your building for you, as long as you’re located within our 5-state service area. But what should you do to get ready in the meantime? Here are a few things you’ll need to take care of before we arrive to install:

  • Obtain any needed building permits. It’s a good idea to start by reaching out to your local city or county officials to learn what’s required in your location. If permits are required, you’ll need to have these in hand before we can install.
  • Make sure your site is level ahead of time; we don’t include groundwork with our installation service.
  • Clearly mark any buried utility lines, as well as anything else our crews need to be aware of where your site is concerned.
  • Clear a perimeter around your site (minimum of 3’ buffer space on all sides; more is even better!), so our crew will have plenty of room to move and work.
  • When placing your order, be sure to notify us about which type of foundation you’ll use for your building (asphalt, concrete, gravel, level ground, etc.), so we can be sure to bring the right anchors with us to secure your building properly.

Clear Span Building Prices

Because we manufacture every building right here in our own facility, Carports R Us can offer you some incredibly competitive prices! Oh, and here’s one more cost-saving factor. You won’t pay any extra for delivery and installation, either! As long as you’re located within our 5-state service area, we’ll bring your building to your site and put it up for you, at no extra charge! The final price of your clear span building will ultimately depend on key factors like the size of your building, the design you go with, and the customization options you choose to include. Have some more specific pricing questions? Just let us know, we’ll be happy to answer them!

Another one of our goals at Carports R Us is to help you be able to afford the metal building you really need. That’s why we make some exclusive financing and rent-to-own programs available for your benefit. Reach out to us at (877) 330-4846 if you’d like to explore all your financing options!

Why Choose a Clear Span Building from Carports R Us?

What’s different about Carports R Us? Our vision is simple and clear – we exist to help folks like you be able to get the metal building you need, at a price you can afford, in a manner that’s as simple and painless as possible. We use quality materials to produce our buildings, and we stand behind our work by offering a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, as well as a 30-day workmanship warranty. Get in touch with us today at (877) 330-4846, and let’s get started!

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