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Need a building that helps keep out the cold (or hot)? Carports R Us has what you need!

There’s really a lot to like about a metal building from Carports R Us, but there’s even more to like about an insulated metal building! Metal buildings are a perfect solution for protecting your contents from the elements like sun, rain, wind, snow, as well as sheltering your items from falling debris. Did you know that metal buildings can also be insulated to help protect your stored items from temperature extremes, as well? It’s true, and Carports R Us gives you options when it comes to insulation possibilities for your custom steel structure.

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Roof Style Options for Metal Insulated Buildings

Many of our metal building styles come in three distinct roof options – the regular roof, the A-frame (or boxed eave) roof, or the vertical roof. Which roof would be best for your metal storage building? The choice is yours! Here are a few features and details regarding each metal roof option:


Regular Roof

Regular roofs are a popular choice, not just for their lower price point, but also because many folks just like the rounded look of a regular roof. They are well-suited for smaller building designs, and can be used to cover many outdoor metal Insulated Buildings. Regular roofs include horizontally-oriented metal roofing panels, and work well in areas that don’t tend to experience much extreme weather.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Why You Need Some Insulation for Your Metal Building?

When you purchase a metal building for outdoor storage, you may be tempted to try and save a little money by skipping the insulation. While it may be true that traditional insulation isn’t essential for maintaining the structural integrity of a steel building, it can still benefit from having some insulation. Including the right insulation barrier will help prevent moisture from being able to infiltrate, and it will also help to prevent condensation from collecting on your building’s interior. For these reasons alone, it’s worth it to choose to have at least a vapor barrier installed on your metal building.

Another benefit to including insulation is its ability to stabilize and help maintain the interior temperature of your structure. Metal is a very good conductor of heat, which also means that an uninsulated metal building can get pretty hot in the summer, and pretty cold in the winter. Installing some insulation which offers some additional R-value can help to mitigate the rate of heat transfer. In plain English, that means your building can maintain more equal temperatures in the face of outdoor weather extremes. Another benefit of including insulation lies in its sound-buffering capacity. By adding appropriate insulation, you can also help to limit noise pollution entering your building from outside, and vice versa.

What Does R-Value Mean in Terms of Insulation?

R-value is essentially just a measure of how capable a designated insulation material is of resisting heat transfer. In basic terms, the higher the R-value, the better the performance of the insulation material for regulating temperature. If you want to use your metal building as heated space for residential or human occupancy purposes, then you’ll probably need to add some extra insulation in order to meet the R-values recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy for your particular climate zone. Even so, there are some commonly-used insulation materials for metal structures that reliably deliver some needed R-value.

Metal Building Insulation Options Offered by Carports R Us

Regardless of how you intend to use your steel structure from Carports R Us, it’s really a good idea to include some type of insulation in your building plan. You definitely want to have some material which prevents moisture infiltration & condensation development in place, at a minimum. It’s also advisable to build in insulation with enough R-value to help keep out the winter chill and the summer heat. Here are some insulation options you can include with your custom building order from Carports R Us:

Single Bubble Insulation -- The single bubble insulation we offer is the most economical option, and carries a minimum R-value of 4. Single bubble insulation won’t necessarily do a whole lot to help mediate temperature swings; it’s essentially a metal-wrapped vapor barrier primarily designed to prevent moisture infiltration and interior building “sweating” due to condensation.

Double Bubble Insulation -- Double bubble insulation is manufactured much like the single-bubble option, except that it also includes a second layer of wrapped air bubbles. Our double bubble insulation delivers an R-value of 8. What that means is that this insulation option isn’t just an effective vapor barrier; it also offers a moderate amount of heat transfer prevention, as well.

2.5-Inch Fiberglass Insulation -- 2.5-inch faced fiberglass insulation batts are another option for metal buildings. Like double-bubble insulation, faced fiberglass insulation batts also provide vapor barrier protection, and they also carry an R-value of around 8. One main advantage to fiberglass blankets is that they can also be applied in a double layer system, effectively achieving a cumulative R-value of around 16.

Insulated Building Prices

There are some cost advantages to partnering with Carports R Us for your custom metal building, too. We manufacture every steel structure right here in our North Carolina facility, which means that we’re also able to work towards keeping costs down. What that means for you is better building prices! Plus, we’ll deliver and install your building anywhere within our 5-state service area, at no extra charge! The final price of your insulated metal building will really depend upon a few key factors, including the specified dimensions of your building, the building design you choose, your selected roof style, and whatever customizations (including insulation option) you decide to go with. Got some specific price questions about the building you want to get? We’ll be glad to answer them!

Another way we help our customers is by giving you some effective ways to be able to afford the metal building you really need. Carports R Us is proud to partner with select lenders to offer you some exclusive financing and rent-to-own programs for your building. Ready to learn more about our financing options? Get in touch with us today at (877) 330-4846!

Why Choose an Insulated Metal Building from Carports R Us?

No matter how you intend to use your insulated metal building, Carports R Us is your preferred metal buildings partner! We’re here to help folks just like you to get the custom building you need, at a competitive price, through a process that’s as quick and painless as possible. We only use quality materials in manufacturing and installing our buildings, and we stand behind each metal structure by offering a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. And because we build and install ourselves, we can usually offer better lead times than our competitors, too. Connect us today at (877) 330-4846, and let us help you get the custom metal structure you need!

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