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If you need some reliable outdoor storage space, look no further than Carports R Us!

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have more stuff than you have space to keep it. Carports R Us can help! You may know about our great selection of metal carports, garages, and barns – but that’s not all we have to offer. Perhaps you’ve already got all of your vehicles covered and your animals sheltered, and what you really need is just some good, dependable outdoor storage space. One of our metal storage buildings could be your perfect solution!

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36x40x20 Aframe Vertical Roof

Starting Price: $27685


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Roof Style Options for Metal Storage Buildings

Many of our metal building styles come in three distinct roof options – the regular roof, the A-frame (or boxed eave) roof, or the vertical roof. Which roof would be best for your metal storage building? The choice is yours! Here are a few features and details regarding each metal roof option:


Regular Roof

Regular roofs are a popular choice, not just for their lower price point, but also because many folks just like the rounded look of a regular roof. They are well-suited for smaller building designs, and can be used to cover many outdoor metal storage buildings. Regular roofs include horizontally-oriented metal roofing panels, and work well in areas that don’t tend to experience much extreme weather.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Storage Building Customizations

When you choose Carports R Us for your steel storage building, you also get more possibilities for building customization. Essentially, you can design your custom storage building any way you want! You get to decide the building size, style, roof design, steel gauges, colors, access points, and more!

Size & Style -- How do you want your storage building to look? Interested in a more traditional shed style? Or perhaps you’d like it to mimic a garage or barn? You choose the design you want, and you also get to decide the building’s width, length, and height.

Choose Your Gauge(s) -- 14-gauge steel is used to frame many metal storage buildings, but you can choose a thicker 12-gauge if you want to go with something even more sturdy. You also get to decide which metal gauge you want for your metal roofing and side paneling.

Panel Options -- And speaking of paneling, you also get to decide about options for enclosing your building. Do you just need an open-air shelter? Perhaps you’d like to add partial paneling or a couple of walls for more protection. Of course, you can also go with a fully-enclosed storage building, too. You decide what works best for your needs!

Doors & Windows -- If you choose an enclosed storage building, you’ll need to have some ways to get inside, too. Want to add a roll-up door, a walk-in door, or both? We can do that. Want to add some windows to let in more sunlight and fresh air? We can do that too. Plus, you get to decide where you want to place your points of access.

Trim & Color Options -- Looking for some other ways to help your storage building stand out? You can add decorative gables to the front, back, or both. You can add decorative J-trim to cover paneling edges, too. And what about your color options? We’ve got lots of popular choices for you to consider at Carports R Us!

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Applications for a Steel Storage Building

How can you use your custom-made steel storage building? Obviously, it’s ideal for storing all sorts of outdoor items, but there are plenty of other possibilities, too. A steel storage building can really become a multipurpose backyard facility for you! Here are some ways we’ve seen customers use their buildings:

Metal storage shed -- Metal storage building is good for storing all sorts of things like recreational equipment, outdoor decorations, safe keeping for yard sale items, and other stuff, too.

Lawn & garden shed -- Many folks like to use their steel storage building as a lawn & garden shed. Use it to shelter your lawnmower, weed eater, leaf blower, snowblower, garden hoses, tools, and whatever else you use around the yard.

Firewood shed -- Got a fireplace or wood-burning stove? Then you need a dry shelter for stacking wood to let it cure. Metal sheds are reliable, convenient places to keep your firewood and make sure it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Hobby hut -- You don’t just have to store stuff in a steel storage building. You can also make it a designated shed for hobbies, crafts, personal projects, and other pursuits. One of these well-made steel sheds can be a great fit!

Dog pen or animal kennel -- Do you need a protected place for your dogs or other animals to be able to bed down and find shelter from the elements? These metal buildings work wonderfully as kennels, too.

Use your imagination!

Benefits of a Steel Storage Building

Here’s another question you may be asking: What makes a steel building from Carports R Us a better storage solution than a stick-built? Honestly, the list of advantages is really pretty long! Here are just a few features of steel that demonstrate why steel is a superior building material to wood in nearly every way:

Longevity – Steel simply lasts longer than wood, period. For one thing, a steel storage building doesn’t carry the same moisture concerns you’d have with a wooden storage building. Moisture infiltration will cause wood to rot, but galvanized steel doesn’t absorb moisture like wood does. Steel is also a better solution for protection from the elements. A steel building is naturally more lightning-resistant and earthquake-resistant, too.

Less Threat from Pests or Fire – Termites and other pests can really do some damage to a wooden shed in a hurry. These same pests aren’t a threat to steel, though. Steel is also a poor host for mold and mildew, which like to grow on wood. And what about fire? One spark can be all it takes to burn a wooden building to the ground. Steel, on the other hand, is inflammable, so a steel storage building presents much less in the way of fire worries.

Simpler to Expand or Adapt – Would you like to have a shed which is more easily expandable or adaptable in the future? You’ll find that a wooden structure doesn’t offer nearly as much flexibility of design; you’d pretty much have to rebuild a wooden shed if you want to expand it. Components and sections can be added to a steel structure much more easily.

Easy Maintenance - Another drawback to a wooden storage building is that it will need to be repainted, restained, or refinished every few years. One of the really nice aspects of a steel building is that it requires very little in the way of maintenance. The colors are infused into the metal paneling, so you won’t have to worry with any peeling or significant fading issues. And cleaning a steel storage building is a breeze, too. Just hose it off and hose it out, and you’re done!

Steel Storage Building Prices

Here’s another nice thing about partnering with Carports R Us. We custom manufacture every single steel structure right here in our North Carolina facility. Since there is no middle man when it comes to building production, we’re able to help keep costs down, too. The result for you? Better building prices! And on top of that, we’ll deliver and install your building anywhere within our 5-state service area, for no additional cost! The final price of your metal storage building will really come down to key factors, including the size of your building, the design you choose, your chosen roof style, and whatever customization options you want to include. Got specific pricing questions? We can give you answers!

Another way we help our customers at Carports R Us is by giving you some ways to help afford the metal building you really need. We partner with preferred lenders to offer some exclusive building financing and rent-to-own programs. Like to learn more about your available financing options? Like we said, we’re here to help!

Why Choose a Metal Storage Building from Carports R Us?

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to understand by now why Carports R Us is your best metal buildings partner! We really just want to help folks like you be able to get the custom building you need, at a competitive price, through a process that’s as quick and painless as possible. We only use quality materials in constructing our buildings, and we stand behind every product by offering a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. And because we build and install ourselves, we can offer your better lead times than our competition, too. Reach out to us today at (877) 330-4846, and let’s get the conversation started!

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