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Need a place where you can get some stuff done? Carports R Us has the metal workshop you need!

Looking for a dedicated place where you can get stuff done? Consider a metal workshop from Carports R Us. Whether you just need an enclosed outbuilding behind your house to be able to tinker on your car, or whether you need something larger for commercial or agricultural pursuits, Carports R Us can manufacture, deliver, and install your perfect metal workshop solution!

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26' x 41' x 12' Vertical roof

Starting Price: $15155


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Metal Workshop Buildings and Roof Style Options

Most metal building styles offer three different roof options for you to consider, depending upon building size – the regular roof, the A-frame (or boxed eave) roof, or the vertical roof. Which is the best roof for your particular application? That’s really for you to decide, but here are a few things that are worth keeping in mind with each choice:


Regular Roof

Regular roofs are an attractive option for buildings of smaller dimensions, but some workshops can be covered with a regular roof as well. Regular roofs come with horizontally-oriented metal paneling, carry a familiar rounded look, and also happen to be the most economical roof choice.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Workshop Building Customizations

When you choose Carports R Us for your workshop building needs, it opens up plenty of possibilities for you in terms of customization options. Which features would you like to include in your custom metal workshop? That’s for you to decide, since we’re able to manufacture every custom structure according to your specifications! You choose everything from the building’s dimensions, to the roof style, to steel gauges for framing & paneling, to colors, and more!

Building Size Measurements -- Start by deciding how you intend to use your steel workshop building. How much space will you need to be able to accommodate all of your workspace and storage needs? No matter what you have in mind, we can craft a building to meet your width, length, and height needs.

Steel Gauges -- 14-gauge steel is a common framing standard for many metal buildings, but we also offer a thicker 12-gauge if you want something that’s even more sturdy. 12-gauge is really the best choice for a larger workshop building, or for any building located in a more harsh environment. And when it comes to choosing the gauge of your steel roofing and side paneling, you’ve got options where those are concerned, too.

Doors & Window Options -- What types of access points or ventilation options would you like to have for your workshop? You get to decide where to place them, as well. Select from among our garage door, walk-in door, and open frame-out options. Want to let in some more fresh air and light? You can also opt to include some windows, if you prefer.

Certification -- Metal building certification for meeting minimum wind and snow loads is a requirement in many locations. Whether that applies to you or not, we still encourage you to consider a certified metal building, since certification offers extra peace of mind when it comes to the structural strength and longevity of your steel structure.

Installation Site -- Carports R Us doesn’t provide building foundation or paving services, but we can install your metal workshop on practically any kind of foundation surface. We have anchors to secure your building on everything from concrete, to asphalt, to gravel, to plain old level ground. Just let us know where you want it installed, and we’ll work to make it happen!

Colors -- Some folks think that metal buildings are kind of boring, but that’s not the case with Carports R Us! With our many available metal paneling color choice, you can choose to help your workshop blend in, or you can also opt to make it really stand out. All you have to decide is which look you like best!

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Applications for a Steel Workshop Building

What are some ways you can choose to take advantage of a steel workshop building design? A lot of it will depend upon what primary building application you have in mind, but the beauty of these multipurpose metal structures is that they can really be used for a variety of purposes. Here are just a few of the possibilities available to you:

  • Classic workshop space
  • Combination workshop and parking garage
  • Tractor and agricultural equipment storage
  • RV, motorhome, camper, or boat cover
  • Commercial auto service center, or personal auto care facility
  • Office or administration facility
  • Warehouse space
  • Carpentry shop
  • Hobby center
  • Man Cave or She Shed
  • And more!

Advantages of a Steel Workshop

What’s better about a steel workshop from Carports R Us? Plenty. Here are a few features of steel as a building material that really make it superior to choosing a workshop building made with wood or other materials:

Built to Last – A steel workshop doesn’t have the same moisture concerns that go along with a stick-built workshop. Moisture infiltration can eventually cause wood to rot, but galvanized steel won’t absorb moisture like wood. Steel also offers much better protection from weather threats like sun, rain, wind, snow, and lightning. The flexibility of steel makes it more resistant to earthquakes, as well.

Safe from Pest & Fire Threats – Termites and other pests are really no threat to steel, and they’re not attracted to steel as a food source, either. The same can’t be said for wood! Steel also plays a poor host for mold and mildew. And while wood is incredibly flammable, steel isn’t – which means you’ll also have much fewer fire-related concerns with a steel workshop.

Easier to Expand or Adapt – Would you like to have the freedom to expand or adapt your workshop at some point down the road? A wooden structure doesn’t offer nearly as much flexibility of design as does a steel building. You can expand or adapt a steel workshop with much greater ease than you ever could with a stick-built workshop.

Simple Maintenance - Why fool with some old wooden building that you know you’re going to have to repaint, restain, or refinish every few years? With a steel workshop, you won’t have to! Steel buildings require little in the way of maintenance. For example, the metal paneling colors are infused into the metal, so they’re engineered not to peel or fade. And cleaning a steel workshop is easier, too. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is to hose off your building inside and out, and you’re good to go!

Steel Workshop Building Prices

Because we manufacture every building right here in our facility, Carports R Us is able to manage costs better, which means we can also offer you some incredibly attractive prices! Oh, and here’s one more way you’ll save money, too. As long as you’re located within our 5-state service area, we’ll bring your building to your site and install it for you, all for no extra charge! The final price of your metal workshop building will ultimately depend on key factors like the size of your building, the design you choose, your selected roof style, and the other customization options you include. Have some specific pricing questions? Just call us at (877) 330-4846 !

Another goal of ours at Carports R Us is to help you be able to afford the metal building you really need. That’s why we partner with preferred lenders to be able to offer you some exclusive financing and rent-to-own programs. Ready to explore all of your financing options? We’re ready to help you make it happen!

Why Choose a Metal Workshop Building from Carports R Us?

What’s different about Carports R Us? Essentially, we’re here to help folks just like you be able to get the metal building you need, at a price you can afford, through a process that’s simple, quick, and painless. We only use quality materials to manufacture and install our buildings, and we stand behind what we do by offering you a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, as well as a 30-day workmanship warranty. Need your building fast? We have better lead times than our competitors, too. Connect with us today at (877) 330-4846, and let’s get started on the building you need!

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