Double Car Carports

Got two vehicles that need some reliable shelter from the elements? Check out our double carports!

They’re known by many names, including double carports, double-wide carports, and two-car carports. But whatever you choose to call them, Carports R Us has them! These 2-car carports are the perfect size for protecting two passenger vehicles, and they’re reliably rugged and adaptable. Our metal structures are also affordable than you might think! They’re also customizable, and come in your choice of roof style, color(s), and much more. Ready to put your cars under a protective cover? Keep scrolling to learn more about what we have to offer!

Double Car Carports All Projects

20' x 21' x 7' Regular roof carport

Starting Price: $1995


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3 Different Roof Styles to Choose From

Prefer a rounded, regular roof? You can also choose an A-frame roof to better match that of your home. Or just go with the reliable performance of a vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs include a familiar design that features standard horizontal paneling. Regular roofs offer dependable protection from sun, wind and rain, and they also happen to be the most economical option.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Customizations for Double Metal Carports

One thing that sets us apart at Carports R Us is the fact that we custom-build your double metal carport right here in our own facility. Because of that, you have plenty of customization options from which to choose. You decide everything from specific building dimensions, roof style, trim, gables, paneling, colors, and more!

Building Dimensions -- Standard width for a two-car carport ranges from 18' to 24', but you can customize that to whatever you'd like -- especially if you have more than two vehicles to cover. Standard carport height usually runs around 7-8', but you can go taller, too. And what about the length? 21' will usually accommodate most vehicles, but you can go as long as you want with your custom metal carport!

Metal Gauges -- 14-gauge steel is a common standard in many areas, but you can also choose a thicker 12-gauge if you want an even sturdier frame. That's a particularly wise choice if you're in an area that tends to get more in the way of severe weather. You also have options when it comes to roof paneling and side paneling gauges.

Paneling -- Want to add some partial walls to your metal carport for added protection and aesthetics? Or how about fully enclosing it to create your own custom garage? You can do it with Carports R Us!

Gables & Trim -- Add some decorative J-trim if you like. You can also have some attractive gable ends put on to help conceal the interior framing and supports. And the trim and gable colors are completely up to you!

Color Choices -- Speaking of colors, you've got options when it comes to the overall look of your carport. You choose your preferred roof paneling color, along with the colors of any side paneling you decide to include. If blending in is your goal, we can you help you to achieve that. On the other hand, we can help make your metal carport stand out, too!

Certification -- Does your local area require metal building certification? We can take care of it. Or perhaps you'd just prefer to have a certified building regardless, thanks to the added performance and reliability it provides. Just let us know about your minimum wind or snow load requirements, and we'll build to suit your needs.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Great for Covering Two Vehicles, and More!

Our custom metal double carports are perfect for sheltering two vehicles, but they offer more uses as well. These rugged and adaptable structures are really useful for a number of applications. Here are just a few ideas:

Shelter for Vehicles -- These metal carports are ideal open-air covers for cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. If you've got vehicles to shelter, these carports are perfect for the job!

RV Cover -- Maybe the vehicles you have in mind to cover are larger than typical passenger vehicles. Got an RV, motorhome, camper, bus, boat, or trailer? We can build a carport for you!

General Storage Use -- Maybe you already have garage space for your cars. In that case, you probably have many other items you need to shelter from the elements. These versatile metal structures can accommodate any number of outdoor items!

Workshop Space -- Wouldn't it be nice to have some covered outdoor space for conducting auto repair, carpentry projects, and other hobbies or pursuits? Now you can!

Outdoor Play Options -- Too sunny? Too rainy? Wish you could send the kids outside to play? With one of these reliable metal carports on your property, now you've got a place to send them!

Gatherings -- Worried about how the weather might impact your outdoor cookout or other gathering plans? With one of these metal structures, now you have a perfect place to make it happen!

Certified vs. Non-Certified Two Car Carports

Unless you're already familiar with these types of structures, you may not know what "certified" actually means. The reality is that steel buildings are stronger and more durable than wooden or aluminum structures to begin with. Steel really is a preferable building material! But when it comes to certification, a metal building that's been certified means that it's specifically engineered to meet or exceed minimal wind and snow load requirements.

Does your metal carport need to be certified? That really depends upon how you intend to use your building, along with what your local building codes may require. And even if certification isn't required in your particular location, we encourage every customer to consider going with a certified carport. Certified metal structures are just built to be a little more rugged and dependable, and offer better peace of mind for the owner.

Double Car Carport Prices

We offer incredibly competitive prices at Carports R Us. How do we know? For starters, we custom manufacture every building on site, so we know what it takes to help keep costs as low as possible. Your final carport price will depend on a few key factors like chosen dimensions, roof style, and any optional customizations you choose to add. Let us know if you have some specific questions! Carports R Us typically includes carport delivery and installation with standard purchase, but you can also save a little more by deciding to order a custom-fabricated metal carport kit that you pick up and install on your own. We can answer any questions you may have about that option, as well.

Looking for a way to make paying for your double carport a little easier? We're happy to offer options for traditional financing, as well as some rent-to-own options. Tired of just dreaming about having your own personal carport? Reach out to us, and let us make it happen!

Why Choose a Double Metal Carport from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, it's our personal mission to help customers just like you to get the exact metal structure you need, and we also work to make sure you're thrilled with what we provide for you! Meeting both your needs and your budget is what we're all about. We can get you your building faster than our competitors, too! We also stand behind our building products by providing a 20-year warranty for the frame and roof, as well as a 30-day workmanship warranty. Give us a call today on (877) 330-4846. We'll answer any of your questions, and we're ready to get you the metal structure you need!

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