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Got an RV you need to protect when you’re not out on the road? We’ve got you covered!

Need an affordable cover for your RV, motorhome, camper, boat, or trailer? Then reach out to us at Carports R Us! Our custom RV carports deliver reliable protection for your recreational vehicle, and the price is right! These steel structures are completely customizable, and they’re built to last, too. You choose your preferred roof style, siding options, and colors, and we can take it from there!

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18' x 41' x 10' Regular Roof RV carport

Starting Price: $2895


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Roof Styles for RV Carports

When it comes to roof style choices for your RV carport, you’ve got options. You can go with a regular roof, an A-frame roof, or a premium vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs offer a familiar, rounded look, and come with attractive horizontal paneling. Regular roofs offer the best price point, and they deliver dependable protection from sun, rain, and wind.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Customizations for RV Metal Carports

When you do business with Carports R Us, one benefit is that we offer you a variety of customization options for your RV carport or building. You determine your specific carport dimensions, roof style, paneling, trim options, colors, gable additions, and more!

RV Carport Size -- Width for a single RV carport typically ranges between 12' and 24', but you can certainly make that wider if you have more than one recreational vehicle to cover. Length typically starts at 26', but you aren't limited to that. And you can go as tall as 16' in height, if that's what you need. The dimensions are really up to you!

Steel Gauges -- 14-gauge steel is a typical standard for framing, but you can also upgrade to 12-gauge if you want something even sturdier. This is a smart move if you tend to receive more extreme weather in your location. The gauges of your roof paneling and any added side paneling are up to you, as well.

Side Paneling -- Speaking of paneling, you can add some partial or even full walls to your RV carport if you like. You can even have it fully enclosed it to create your own custom RV garage! With Carports R Us, you can add as much or as little paneling as you prefer for your metal structure.

Colors & Trim -- You can also decide about trim or end gables, and you've got plenty of color options to choose from for your paneling and trim. We offer a popular range of colors for roof paneling, side paneling, gables, and trim. You can help your RV carport to blend in, or you make it really stand out!

Foundation Options -- Where do you plan to install? We can put up your RV carport pretty much anywhere you dictate on your property (within local building codes), and we have anchors to match whatever type of foundation you decide you need for your structure.

Certification -- Is metal building certification a requirement in your location? If it is, we can take care of that for your RV carport. And even if it isn't required, you might want to consider going with a certified structure for the added peace of mind it offers. Just let us know about your minimum wind or snow load requirements!

More Ways to Customize, Too!

RV Carport Applications

How can you use your custom metal RV carport? The better question may be, how can't you use it? Obviously these structures are great for protecting RVs, but they're useful for many other applications as well. Here are just a few options to consider:

Recreational Vehicle Shelter -- These are ideal open-air covers for RVs, motorhomes, boats, campers, and trailers of all types. We can build to match your vehicle dimensions, too.

Outdoor Storage -- Of course you can cover your recreational vehicle(s), but you can cover lots of other things, too. These metal structures provide great outdoor shelter for mowers, lawn & garden equipment, tractors & attachments, recreational equipment, you name it!

Covered Work Space -- Would it help if you had some covered outdoor space to be able to work on a car, do a little carpentry, pursue a hobby, or take care of some other projects? Well, with one of our RV carports, now you can!

Protected Outdoor Play -- Wish you had someplace to send the kids outside, even when the weather isn't particularly great? Well, go right ahead! A metal RV cover offers reliable shelter from the elements, and gives your family some space to enjoy quality outside time, anytime!

Picnic Shelter -- Host a picnic, have a neighborhood cookout, or pull a group of family & friends together. If holding outside gatherings is important to you, these steel structures give you another opportunity to help make it happen!

RV Carport Prices

The fact of the matter is that a quality RV carport is an investment, but it's an investment that's worth making for lots of reasons. At Carports R Us we understand that price matters, and that's why we work so hard to keep cost down as low as possible. What will your metal RV carport cost? That will really depend on a few key factors, including the size of your building, your chosen roof style, and whatever customization options you want to include. Also note that we include carport delivery and installation anywhere within our service area at no extra cost to you! That's just another way we're here to help!

Looking for some ways to help make ordering an RV carport more affordable? Carports R Us can help there, too! We offer both financing and rent-to-own options in conjunction with our preferred providers. So, don't just dream about owning your own RV carport; let us help you make it happen!

Benefits of a Steel RV Cover

What are the advantages of choosing a steel RV cover over a structure fabricated with other building materials? Just about everything you can think of! If you've never considered a steel structure before, here are some reasons why a steel RV carport from Carports R Us makes a whole lot of sense:

® Better Building -- With a steel RV cover, you won't have the moisture rot worries that come with a wooden building. You'll also have more reliable protection from rain, snow, wind, even lightning strikes and seismic events.

® Fewer Pest & Fire Worries -- Termites and other pests are no threat to steel, and they aren't really attracted to it. Steel doesn't play host to mold or mildew, either. And because steel is inflammable, it provides better fire protection, too.

® Expandable & Adaptable -- As a construction material, steel offers a superior flexibility of design over wood or other materials. If you need to expand or adapt your RV carport in the future, that's more easily accomplished with a steel structure.

® Maintenance Is Easy -- Why would you want an RV cover that needs repainting every few years? The colors on a steel structure are engineered not to peel or fade, and these buildings are also simpler to clean and maintain. There's really no downside!

Why Choose a Metal RV Carport from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, it's our mission to help our customers to get the exact metal structure they need, and that includes our high-quality RV carports! We'll make sure to meet your specifications and get it to you fast, and we'll strive to make your wallet happy, too. We believe in the quality of our products, and stand behind them with a 20-year warranty for the roof and framing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. Why wait? Give us a call now on (877) 330-4846. Let us answer your questions, and then let's get started on your custom RV carport!

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