Single Car Carports

Got a single vehicle you need to protect from the effects of sunlight and rain? We’ve got what you need!

If you need an affordable cover for your single car or other vehicle, Carports R Us has what you need! Our one-car carports deliver the protection you need, at a price you can afford. These metal structures are rugged, adaptable, and customizable, and they’re sure to meet your needs. We offer three roof styles and a variety of colors to choose from. Our metal buildings are known to be strong, durable, & long-lasting.

Single Car Carports All Projects

12x31x6 Regular Style Carport

Starting Price: $1395


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Roof Styles for Single Carports

Like the rounded look of a regular roof for your 1-car carport? Prefer the sharper angles of an A-frame roof? Or maybe you need the strength and reliability that comes with a premium vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs offer that familiar, rounded look, and they come with standard horizontal paneling. Regular roofs are the most economical, and provide dependable protection from sunshine and rain.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Customizations for Single Metal Carports

One benefit of partnering with us at Carports R Us is that we give you many customization options for your single metal carport! You are free to choose your specific carport dimensions, roof style, paneling options, trim, colors, optional gables, and much more!

Size Dimensions -- Width for a one-car carport starts at 12', but you can choose to extend that out as far as 70' if you need to cover multiple vehicles. Standard carport height ranges from 6' to 8', but you can go as tall as 18' for higher-profile vehicles. And in terms of length for your carport ... that's really up to you!

Steel Gauge -- 14-gauge steel is the common standard, but you can also upgrade to a thicker 12-gauge for a sturdier frame. This is a smart option for homeowners located in areas that may receive some stronger weather. You can also choose the gauge of your roof paneling and any side panels that you choose to include.

Panels -- Interested in adding partial or even full walls to your metal carport? You can completely enclose it to create a custom garage, if that's what you prefer. When it comes to how you may want to panel your carport, it's your call!

Trim & Gables -- You can choose to add decorative J-trim, and we can also mount some attractive end gables to help conceal the framing and supports if you'd like to have a more finished look. And of course, you can choose your preferred colors for those features.

Colors -- Your color options extend beyond the trim or other accessories, too. The colors of your roof paneling, and any side paneling are also for you to decide. You can help your carport to blend into its surroundings, or make it really stand out if you prefer!

Certification-- Do your local regulations call for metal building certification? If not, perhaps you'd still prefer the added performance reliability of a certified structure. No problem! Just let us know what your minimum wind or snow load requirements are, and we'll take care of it.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Great for Covering a Single Vehicle, and More!

Obviously you can cover your personal vehicle with one of our custom metal carports, but that's not all you can do! These versatile, adaptable structures are actually useful for many applications. Here are just a few suggestions:

Personal Vehicle Shelter -- These are ideal open-air covers for a car, truck, SUV, or other personal vehicle. We can build to suit your particular vehicle needs.

RV Cover -- These carports aren't just for personal vehicles, either. Got an RV or other large vehicle you need to shelter? We can engineer your carport to your dimensional specifications.

General Storage -- If you have a car you need to cover, chances are good that you also have other items you may need to cover. These versatile metal structures can accommodate recreational equipment and a range of other items!

Work Space -- Need some covered outdoor space for auto repair, carpentry projects, hobbies, or other pursuits? With one of these carports, you've got it!

Outdoor Play Space -- Tired of the kids being cooped up inside? Then send them outdoors! A metal carport is a great place to get some fresh air and be able to play outside.

Cooking Out -- Ready to fire up the grill, but need someplace that's out of the rain? Your metal carport is a perfect spot to make it happen!

Single Carport Site Preparation

The first thing you need to decide is how you intend to use your metal carport. Start by considering how much space you'll need to accommodate your vehicle and any other items. This will help you to estimate how big of a carport you'll need, and how much space you'll need on your site for installation. Once you decide that and place your metal carport order, here are some other things to help you prepare:

  • Obtain any needed building permits -- check with your local officials about this
  • Make sure your site is level before we show up to install your carport
  • Mark any buried utility lines on or near your site
  • Make sure there's at least a 3' buffer of open space around the installation site so our crew will have enough room to work
  • Let us know which type of foundation you'll be using for your carport (concrete, asphalt, bare ground, etc.) so we have the appropriate anchors on hand

One Car Carport Prices

Our prices at Carports R Us are incredibly competitive. We know this because we custom manufacture every structure, and we work hard to keep down costs for you. Your final carport price will ultimately depend on factors including building size, roof style, and any customization options you select. Just let us know if you have more specific questions! At Carports R Us we typically include carport delivery and installation with your purchase, but you can also opt to save a little extra by ordering a custom metal carport kit that you pick up and install yourself -- more details available upon request!

Looking for some ways to make paying for your single carport easier? We offer both financing and rent-to-own options for our one-car carports, for your convenience. The days of just dreaming about owning your own carport are over; we really can help you make it happen!

Why Choose a Single Metal Carport from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, we're here to help customers just like you to get the metal structure you need, and we're committed to make sure you're thrilled with the result! Plus, we work to help you meet both your expectations and your budget. We'll get your building fast, too! We also stand behind each and every one of our products by offering a 20-year warranty for the frame and roof, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. Give us a call today on (877) 330-4846. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you to get started!

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