Metal Garages

Need some secure, protected storage space for vehicles or other items? We’ve got what you need at Carports R Us!

Need a tough garage building that’s made to last? Carports R Us has what you’re looking for! Our tough steel buildings are stronger and more reliable than comparable structure made with wood or other materials. Plus, you can customize your metal garage however you like, and you can even create your own custom design. Oh, and did we mention? Not only does Carports R Us provide you with the right building at the right price, but we also include delivery and installation throughout our 5-state service area, for no extra charge!

Metal Garages

Size Matters – Metal Garage Options with Carports R Us

How big of a garage do you want? We have several popular styles designed to accommodate one, two, or three cars (or more), as well as taller designs for RVs and other large vehicles. Just tell us what you need!

Triple Wide Garages

It’s hard to beat the versatility of a triple-wide garage. It can house three vehicles, but it can also be used for multiple other purposes.

Double Car Garages

These two-car garages are some of our most popular buildings at Carports R Us. We can also make them a little wider to add extra storage space.

Single Car Garages

These are our smallest garages, ideal for housing any single passenger vehicle. With Carports R Us, you can also customize and personalize to suit your needs.

RV Garages

When a regular-sized garage won’t do, we can build you something bigger for your RV. Also great for boats, tractors, and other tall vehicles.

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Roofing Styles

A Roof Style to Suit Your Preferences

Regular roofs are nice & rounded, but A-frame roofs are a little sturdier. Or you can choose our strongest, most reliable, best performing design – the vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roof garages carry a familiar, rounded look, and come standard with horizontal paneling. These are the most economical option, and deliver good protection from both sun and rain.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Go With a Metal Garage?

In a word, there really is no better garage than a metal garage! Read on to learn what makes a steel building from Carports R Us the right choice.

All-Weather Protection
All-Weather Protection

Steel buildings provide superior protection from rain, snow, wind, debris, lightning, and are also better designed for enduring earthquake activity.

Multipurpose Use
Multipurpose Use

Metal buildings offer more flexibility of design than their wooden counterparts. Steel structures are also easier to adapt or expand as your needs change.

Delivery & Installation Included
Delivery & Installation Included

Not only is the price right, but you also get a little something extra with a prefab metal building – delivery and installation is included with purchase!

The Price Is Right
The Price Is Right

Assume that steel is more expensive than wood? Not necessarily! It’s actually more cost-effective, and features a very competitive price per square foot.

Strong and Durable
Strong and Durable

Steel buildings simply won’t rot like wood. Plus, they stand the tests of time and use much better than wood or other materials.

Pest & Fire Resistant
Pest & Fire Resistant

Termites and other pests are a constant threat to wood, as are mold and mildew. Not so with steel. What about fire? Steel won’t burn!

Make Your Metal Garage Your Own

Here's another reason to partner with Carports R Us -- we give you options! You can decide every detail of your custom garage design, so that you get exactly what you need. You choose the dimensions of your building, along with the roof style, certification, doors & windows, colors, and more!

Building Dimensions -- For the width of your building, you can choose a minimum of 12', or go as wide as 70'. The height is up to you, too -- you can go as tall as 18'. And how about the length? We've done buildings well over 100' long, so there's really no limit how long your garage building can be!

Steel Gauge -- 14-gauge steel is a popular standard for framing, but you can also upgrade to a thicker 12-gauge for a sturdier building. That's certainly something worth considering if you live in an area that receives more in the way of extreme weather. You also have gauge choices for your roof and side panels, as well.

Doors & Windows -- A garage building really isn't much good if you don't have a way to get inside! You choose the number, types, and locations of your steel garage entry points. We can do simple frame outs if that's all you want, or we can provide garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows.

Certification -- Is building certification required in your area? (If you're not sure, we can help you find the answer to that question!) Or would you just like knowing that your building is certified to meet designated wind and snow load requirements? Carports R Us can take care of you!

Installation Surface -- While we don't pour building foundations (you can choose to do so on your own before we come out to install, if you like), we do offer several building anchor options for installation. What that means for you is that you can have your prefab metal garage put up almost anywhere, on nearly any type of level surface.

Colors -- Who says a metal garage has to look like some boring mini-warehouse? Not us! We offer several popular colors for your roof paneling, side paneling, and trim. Express yourself and make a personal statement with your own custom garage from Carports R Us!

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Many Metal Garage Applications

A steel garage is much more adaptable and versatile than many other kinds of outdoor structures you may have seen. Obviously they're great for parking cars, trucks, or other types of vehicles, but that's only the beginning of the possibilities when it comes to how you choose to use your building.

Parking Garage -- Without overstating the obvious, a metal garage is really the best place to park and protect all your personal vehicles, and keep them safe and secure.

RV Garage -- These versatile garages can handle more than just cars, trucks, or motorcycles. We can help you design a custom garage tall enough to shelter an RV, bus, boat, tractor, or other equipment.

Multi-Purpose Storage -- If you need somewhere to keep it, it can almost certainly go inside one of these garages. You can store everything from lawn equipment to tools to recreational items, and much more!

Workshop or Hobby Center-- Maybe you need more than just storage space; maybe you need some space for actually getting some real work done! Whether it's carpentry, auto mechanics, or hobbies, you can do it here!

Man Cave / She Shed -- What American adult wouldn't love having their own personal man cave or she shed? Or maybe you need an outdoor playhouse for the kids. You can own a building that achieves all of the above!

And More! -- How about creating your own personal gym or exercise facility? Need an art or photography studio? Or maybe a greenhouse? Use your imagination!

Certified & Non-Certified Metal Garages

Unless you're very familiar with these structures, you may not understand what it means for a metal building to be considered "certified." The fact of the matter is that steel buildings are already stronger and more durable than stick-built or other similar structures by default. Steel really is a fantastic building material, for so many reasons. But as far as certification goes, a metal building that is certified simply means that it's been engineered to meet or exceed local building codes and requirements for designated wind and snow loads.

So, do you need your building to be certified or not? Honestly, that depends on how you plan to use your building, as well as on what your local building codes and regulations require. Even if a certified building isn't a necessity where you plan to install, we actually recommend certification to all of our customers. Certified metal structures are just designed to be a little more rugged and better supported; as such, they offer greater peace of mind.

Metal Garage Prices

Because we build them right here at our facility, we can offer some great prices on metal garages at Carports R Us! Plus, as an added bonus, we include delivery and installation of your garage, as long as you're located within our 5-state service area. Your final price will be based on several factors, including the size, roof style, and customization options you select. We'll be glad to answer any specific questions you may have about pricing!

As we mentioned, Carports R Us includes garage delivery and installation with standard purchase. But if you're a DIYer who likes to get things done on your own, we can also fabricate a custom metal garage kit that you pick up and install yourself. All the necessary materials are included! Plus, you'll be able to get your metal garage kit at an additional discount! Just let us know if you'd like to learn more our metal building kits.

Why Choose a Metal Garage from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, our business vision is clear. We're here to help people like you get the metal building you need, and we work hard to make sure that you're thrilled with the result. We can also help you get the right metal garage to meet your needs, as well as your budget! We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we back them with a 20-year warranty for framing and roofing, as well as a 30-day workmanship warranty. We can usually get you your building faster than the competition, too. Get in touch with us today on (877) 330-4846, and let's get started!

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