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Got an RV you need to protect with something more secure than just a simple carport? We’ve got you covered!

RVs really are some pretty special vehicles. The ability to drive your mobile “house” anywhere you want is an investment that you certainly want to be able to protect, especially during those seasons when you’re not out on the road. Carports R Us has what you need! Our custom RV garages deliver all the protection you need for your RV, at the most affordable price! Not only are these steel structures built to last, they’re also completely customizable, too. Ready to learn more about all the possibilities with a custom RV garage from Carports R Us? Scroll down to learn more!

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18' x 51' x 12' Regular Roof RV Garage

Starting Price: $11055


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Roof Styles for RV Garages

When it comes to roof style choices for your RV garage, you’ve got options with Carports R Us. You can choose a regular roof, an A-frame roof, or a premium vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs provide dependable protection from sun & rain, and offer a familiar, rounded shape that’s more reminiscent of a barn. Regular roofs also come at the best price point among metal roof options, and come standard with horizontal paneling.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

RV Carports vs. RV Garages: What’s the Difference?

In a word, the difference is the level of protection and security each steel structure can afford. An RV carport is a great way to provide valuable shade over your RV, and it also helps to keep the rain and snow off of your ride. But while an RV carport is good, an RV garage is even better!

An open-air cover still leaves your RV exposed to weather extremes, and it really does nothing in terms of offering security from would-be thieves or pests. An RV metal garage, on the other hand, provides complete, enclosed protection for your ride, and helps to keep it safe and secure throughout the offseason. By housing your RV in a protected steel garage, your RV will be ready to go when you’re ready to hit the open road again!

Customizations for RV Metal Garages

When you choose Carports R Us to provide your RV metal garage, one advantage is that we give you plenty of ways to customize your building. You choose the specific garage dimensions you need, along with roof style, framing and paneling gauges, colors, certification options, and more!

RV Garage Size -- Since RVs are high-profile vehicles, you need something taller than a standard garage. That’s not a problem with Carports R Us – we can go as tall as 16’ in height, if that’s what you require. Got more than one vehicle you want to house in your RV garage? You decide how wide and how long you want your building to be, too. The dimensions of your custom garage are completely up to you!

Framing & Paneling Gauges -- 14-gauge steel is a common framing standard for many garages, but we also make a thicker 12-gauge steel available for an even sturdier building. You also have options when it comes to choosing the steel gauge of your roof paneling and wall paneling.

Points of Access -- We offer roll-up garage doors for easy vehicle access, and we also offer walk-in doors and open frame-out options. Want to add some windows? You can do that, too. Plus, you get to decide where you want to place your doors and other points of access to your building.

Color Choices -- Despite what some may wrongly assume, a metal garage doesn’t have to be visually boring. You can help your RV garage to match the look of other surrounding buildings, OR you can choose to help it stand out, if that’s the look you’re going for. We have several great color options from which to choose for your roof, walls, and trim.

Certification for Wind & Snow -- Metal building certification is a requirement in many areas. If that’s the case where you live, we can take care of that for you. And even if certification isn’t part of your local building code regulations, we still encourage you to consider having your structure certified for additional peace of mind from potential threats of weather and the elements.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

RV Garage Applications

Besides housing your RV, how else can you use your custom metal RV garage? These handy buildings are great for protecting your vehicles, but they’re useful in other ways, too. Here are a few of the ways that homeowners choose to use their RV garages:

Recreational Vehicle Housing -- These are ideal for parking RVs, motorhomes, boats, campers, or other similar items. They’re also equally useful for storing tractors, farm equipment, or other machinery.

General Purpose Storage -- You can store more than just RVs or other vehicles; in fact, you can store pretty much anything in a metal RV garage! For example, you can use it to shelter your mowers, lawn & garden equipment, tractor attachments, recreational equipment, seasonal decorations, yard sale items, tools, and much more!

Workshop Space -- Having a place to keep your stuff is nice, but it’s even better to also have some dedicated space for working on your stuff. You can change the oil in a vehicle, perform other routine maintenance, knock out a carpentry project, pursue some hobbies, and more with one of these handy RV garages.

Man Cave, She Shed, or Playhouse for the Kids -- An RV garage lends itself well to also serving as your designated man cave or she shed. But what about the children? You can even set aside some play space for the kids where they’ll be safe, sound, and protected from the weather.

Picnics or Neighborhood Gatherings -- Host a picnic, invite your neighbors over for a cookout, or just use your RV garage as a place for family & friends to gather in a protected outdoor setting.

Use Your Imagination -- There are other ways to take advantage of an RV garage, too. You could build in some workout space, create a private office, set up a photography studio… the only limit to the possibilities is your imagination!

RV Garage Prices

Sure, a quality metal RV garage is an investment, but it’s an investment that’s well worth the money in terms of its ability to protect your RV investment! At Carports R Us, we understand that metal building prices matter though, so we work extra hard to keep costs as low as possible with every building we manufacture and install. Your total metal RV garage price will ultimately depend on a handful of key factors, including the size of your building, your selected roof style, and the other specific customizations you choose to include. And here’s another bonus: we include RV garage delivery and installation across our service area for no additional cost!

Need some help in budgeting for your RV garage purchase? Carports R Us can help with that, too. We offer both financing and rent-to-own options in conjunction with our preferred lenders. The days of just having to dream about owning an RV garage are over; we can help you make it happen!

Why Choose a Metal RV Garage from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, it’s our goal to help customers just like you to get the exact metal building they need, at a price you can afford. We custom manufacture every building right here in our dedicated facility, and our lead times are very competitive! Plus, we stand behind the quality of each building by offering a 20-year warranty for the roof and framing, along with a 30-day workmanship warranty. Reach out to us today at (877) 330-4846, and let’s get started on providing you with a perfect metal RV garage!

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