Triple Wide Garages

Got three (or more) vehicles which need some safe, reliable housing? Carports R Us has you covered!

A three-car garage (also called triple garages or triple-wide garages) is an enclosed metal shelter built with enough space to house three cars, trucks, or other personal vehicles. A 3-car garage is a good-sized flexible structure that can do more than just shelter vehicles, too. These garage buildings really make great multipurpose usage facilities for storage, work, or play. Carports R Us has an excellent selection of triple garage designs to serve your needs, and our friendly staff is here to help. Scroll down to learn more!

Triple Wide Garages All Projects

30' x 41' x 12' Vertical roof triple garage

Starting Price: $15800


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Roof Styles for Triple Wide Garages

Which kind of roof style would you prefer for your triple-wide garage? We offer the three most popular styles – a regular roof, an A-frame roof, or a premium vertical roof.


Regular Roof

Regular roofs are typically used to cover buildings of smaller dimensions, but some triple garages can be designed with a regular roof as well. Regular roofs come with horizontal metal paneling, have a familiar rounded look around the edges, and are also the most economical available roof option.

01Regular Roof
02A-Frame Horizontal Roof
03Vertical Roof

Customizations for Triple Metal Garages

When you choose Carports R Us for your triple metal garage needs, it opens up plenty of possibilities for you when it comes to building customization. Which features will you decide to include or exclude on your custom garage? That’s really up to you, since every structure we provide is made-to-order for each customer! You choose every detail, from building dimensions, to roof style, to steel gauges for framing & paneling, to colors, and more!

Building Dimensions -- Typical width of a three-car garage ranges between 26’-30’, but you can also elect to go wider if you’d like to build in some more wiggle room. 21’ of building length will accommodate a majority of passenger vehicles, but you can really go as long as want with your building if you want to add more covered space for storage. The building’s height is also for you to decide – we can build whatever you need!

Steel Gauges -- 14-gauge steel is a common framing standard for a number of garages, but we also make a thicker 12-gauge available. 12-gauge is really a better choice for a triple-wide garage or other building of similar size, because it just makes for a sturdier structure offering more reliable protection. And when it comes to choosing the gauge of your steel paneling, you’ve got options there, too.

Doors & Windows -- What types of entry and access points would you like to choose for your garage, and where would you like them to be placed? You’re in the driver’s seat! You can select from among our garage door, walk-in door and/or frame-out options, and you can opt to add some windows to let in more light and fresh air, too.

Certification -- Do you need your metal building to be certified? Not sure? Metal building certification for withstanding certain wind and snow loads is a requirement in many areas. Either way, we still encourage you to choose a certified metal building, since certification offers some extra peace of mind when it comes to the strength and reliability of your structure.

Choose Where to Install -- Carports R Us doesn’t provide building foundation services, but we can install your triple garage on practically any type of foundation surface. We have building anchors to accommodate everything from concrete, to asphalt, to gravel, to even plain level ground. Just let us know where you’re planning to install, and we can make it happen!

Colors -- Despite what you might think, you don’t have to settle for a boring-looking metal building, either. Not with Carports R Us! Choose your own style approach: you can help your steel garage to blend in with its surroundings, or you can also choose to really make it stand out! We have several popular color options available for your metal paneling; you decide which look is best for you.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Triple Garages for Multiple Applications

Needless to say, a triple garage is perfect for parking multiple vehicles, but that just scratches the surface when it comes to the many ways you can take advantage of these custom metal buildings. These strong, rugged, and versatile structures lend themselves to all sorts of creative applications:

Parking Garage for 3 or More -- It may say triple garage, but you can also design a building large enough to house 4 vehicles, or more! These metal structures are ideal for keeping ALL of your vehicles protected and safe.

RV Parking Garage -- Got a non-standard-sized vehicle you need to protect as well? The height on our triple garages is completely customizable, meaning we can provide a garage that’s perfect for your RV, motorhome, camper, tractor, boat, or whatever else you need to house!

Mega Storage -- Many Americans simply have too much stuff to store, and not nearly enough storage space. We got you! A triple garage has plenty of square footage for holding your lawn equipment, recreational items, decorations, tools, and all sorts of stuff!

Project Workshop -- Being able to store your stuff is important, but it’s also important to have some space set aside for being able to work on stuff and get stuff done! These triple garages make great spaces for taking care of auto maintenance, doing some carpentry, working on a project or hobby, and more.

Man Cave, She Shed, or even a Finished Apartment -- Maybe you’re not really looking for a garage, per se. Maybe what you need is some personal space you can customize and be able to enjoy with your buddies. Or maybe you need to build a separate apartment or vacation cabin – these steel structures can really fit the bill!

Get Creative -- Want to create your own personal gym, art studio, photography studio, or office space? You can make your metal building into whatever you need it to be!

Three Car Garage Prices

We’ve got some fantastic three car garage prices at Carports R Us. How do we know? Because we custom manufacture every metal building right here in our facility, and we work hard to maintain quality while also keeping costs as low as possible! We can get you the exact building you want and need, and we’ll work with your budget, too. What will the price of your triple garage be? That will ultimately depend upon several key factors, including building dimensions, chosen roof style, and other selected customization options.

And here’s one service we provide at no additional cost – we’re happy to deliver and install your building within our 5-state service area, and we don’t charge extra for this valuable service! We also offer both traditional financing and rent-to-own options to help you be able to afford the metal garage you need. Got more specific questions about pricing? Just ask us!

Building Permit Considerations for Your Three Car Garage

A common question we receive is: Do I need to obtain a building permit for my triple garage? You may, indeed. This really depends upon what the building codes call for in your particular area. Many municipalities and counties do require a building permit for the installation of a metal building. It’s best to check with your municipality or other local building authorities to see what may be needed in the way of permitting. And if you’re still not sure who to contact, we can probably point you in the right direction. Just know that if a building permit is required, you’ll need to have that in hand before our crew arrives to install your garage.

Why Choose a Triple Metal Garage from Carports R Us?

At Carports R Us, we strive to help every single customer to get the exact metal garage you need, at an affordable price. We’ll continue to work hard for you, until you’re absolutely thrilled with the final product! And since we manufacture each building ourselves, we can usually get you a faster lead time than our competitors, as well. Plus, we stand behind every metal building we provide by offering a 20-year warranty for the framing and roof, plus a 30-day workmanship warranty. Give us a call today on (877) 330-4846 ! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, and then we’ll get you the metal building you need!

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